Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

At the outset, I congratulate all for selecting this noble profession as a career. As you aware that current century is witness of rapid changes in every facet of the life. 'Education' is not exception to these changes. Scientific studies revealed that traditional 'Teacher-centric' methods of teaching-learning make the student more passive learner, dependent, reducing their creativity & interest in learning & make them 'examination-oriented'. Recent surveys reveal that how these graduates/post graduates found to be useless to the profession. On other hand, 'Student-centric' approach makes student more active & participatory learners. Students are trained to face difficulties & find remedies of their own & therefore student become more self-reliant & thus creative. The role of teacher in this approach is 'facilitator'. Such kind of learning experience although find difficulties in initial level, but in later part & through practice it becomes much simpler, easy, & enjoyable to the learners. There are number of definitions of education, but I like most appropriate definition is 'Education is the process of understanding & developing our self'. We need to acquire optimum knowledge & skills along with to develop right attitude which is required during actual practicing of the profession. At this point, I make two parts of career. The amount of knowledge & skills you have acquired during formal education (course) will decide that what position you will get in the profession; whereas, later development after getting post/position in the organization is largely dependent on your 'attitude'. As far as later part is concerned, very few efforts, if any, are taken in the most of educational institutes. Fortunately, we offer platform for development of knowledge, skills as well as right attitude. Moreover, we impart instructions which are 'objective-' & 'outcome-based' for student's each & every activity. We have well developed mechanisms to assure by the learner that what has been achieved & what is left.

Apart from these changes, we have given high priority to democratic values & transparency; we promote creativity & innovation. We consistently act by getting feedbacks from all stakeholders on the final goal of as how to make technical education affordable to the ordinary element of the society’.

I hope that you will not only 'develop' during your stay at the campus but this journey of 'development' should be filled with full of comfort & enjoyment.

                                                                                                                                    DR. R. B. JADHAV
                                                                                                                        PRINCIPAL, SVPM'S COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, MALEGAON(BK)